Information for wedding carriage hire

Wedding Locations and Rates

Roscommon Carriages are located in Braidwood NSW and we happily to travel to Weddings throughout our region. Areas covered, but not limited to, are Batemans Bay, Moruya, Nowra, Bungendore, Goulburn, Moss Vale, Bowral, Queanbeyan, Canberra, Yass and Cooma. We have a base fee of $600 for a two hour hire in Braidwood. Areas outside this area will have travel costs then applied. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

Distance covered by the Carriage

Unlike a limousine or a car we cannot travel huge distances in the horse and carriage. We have a 10km limit for a two hour time period as this will avoid having a sweaty horse for your wedding photos and it will also look after the welfare of our horse at the same time.

We can travel on public roads, although we will do our best to only travel on roads with speed limits under 70km. The location and travel itinerary will be assessed prior to your booking to ensure both parties are happy with the arrangements.

Meeting at the Venue

Within a month prior to the wedding day we will arrange to meet you at the venue to go over your plans and visions for your special day.


Following the ceremony, traditional congratulations and well wishes, we will be available for photos.

Please keep in mind your hire time and advise your photographer of the time frame you have available with the horse and carriage. We also advise that you inform your photographer that you are having a horse and carriage at your wedding. We are happy to advise your photographer if they haven’t previously photographed a horse and carriage before. Please advise us if you are using a drone for photos.

We love having photos of our weddings and hugely appreciate if you send us any of your favorites.

Seating Arrangements

Our Carriage seats 6 adult passengers comfortably, although if you have a large wedding dress with hoops we recommend only 4 passengers.


We use Clydesdales for our carriage work as their temperament and their looks are the best for the work that we do. We put a lot of training and conditioning into their schedule to ensure they are physically able to do the jobs required of them. The horses welfare and client safety are our highest priority.

Please disclose whether you intend to use any of the following at your wedding or special event. Drones, helicopters, multiple Harley Davidsons or hot-rods to ensure we can prepare our horses as necessary as these machines can cause safety concerns around horses. Our horses are very good but they are still horses at heart.

Venue Approval

Please note approval may be required from your wedding venue to have a horse and carriage on site. We are happy to provide our certificate of currency insurance papers to the venue as required. We are able to prevent any mess at the venue with the use of manure collection bags on the horses.

Ridden Weddings

We are able to provide a ridden horse for weddings. Much of the logistics are the same as the carriage weddings, however, we do have some special requirements for Brides or Grooms wishing to ride our horse on their Wedding Day. We require you to come out to our farm and have a trial ride on Monte. This will give the rider the opportunity to meet Monte, and confirm if they are going to feel comfortable riding on their wedding day. It also gives us the opportunity to teach the rider how to get on/off the horse and explain the basics.

​For people with no previous horse experience a saddle will be required and Monte will be led by the operator on the wedding day.

For people with horse experience, it will be determined at the trial ride if they are competent to ride bareback or with a saddle. It will also be the preference of the rider. Depending on competence level will also determine if Monte will be led by the operator, or no lead line.

Following the trial ride Roscommon Carriages reserves the right to deny a person permission to use our horse for a ridden wedding if competency or confidence is not of a satisfactory level.